Within business services, there are two main proposals:

  • business transfers
  • hour/day rental - full availability car and chauffeur

You can choose one of the services listed below or make a special order, if what you need is not within the framework offer. We assure you that immediately (after receiving the query) will present you a favorable offer.

Private transfers (1 to 4 persons)

With our business chauffeur service, you will be on time anywhere you need, because we save time for you. We take the stress out of travelling to the airport so that you can relax or catch up with work before your flight. We’ll collect you from your door and, when you land, we’ll be there to take you to your final destination. That could be straight to your hotel, your next meeting or your favourite restaurant. Indyvidual business service we provide by Mercedes-Benz E-class: black and silver. Our cars can normally carry up to three passengers with up to three large suitcases. If you have more baggage write a special request in booking  section and we propably offer you bigger car. 
Book your private chauffeur service and let us take care of you. Whatever works for you.

Krakow Airport - Krakow City90 zł23 €
Krakow - Katowice400 zł100 €
Krakow - Warszawa1100 zł275 €
Krakow - Wroclaw1200 zł300 €
Krakow - Rzeszow750 zł188 €
Krakow - Bielsko - Biała500 zł125 €
Krakow - Radom800 zł200 €
Krakow - Mielec650 zł163 €
Krakow Airport- Niepolomice200 zł50 €
Krakow - Lublin1350 zł340 €
Krakow - Kielce520 zł130 €
Krakow - Gliwice500 zł125 €
3 hours availability (up to 60 km)200 zł50 €
5 hours availability (up to 100 km)350 zł88 €
7 hours availability (up to 150 km)500 zł125 €
9 hours availability (up to 200 km)650 zł163 €


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